Enabling intelligent retail with SB Soft

SB Soft joins the holonic model of Alterna and Altea Federation and it takes part at the Microsoft Inspire 2019 which is held in Las Vegas. Together with Microsoft it did a valuable breakout session aimed to the Intelligent Customer Engagement in the Fashion & Retail fields.
The winning strategy is to know the own customers, retain them with customized experiences through an innovative IP solution called CRM4Retail developed by SB Soft. This approach represents a shared vision with Microsoft. “We are passionate about empowering the retail industry and unlock the potential of their customers” Microsoft team said at Las Vegas.
Sb Soft is an excellent ISV in the Microsoft ecosystem for the italian market. Its Business Applications are IP within the marketplace Microsoft AppSource and they are sold in “IP Co-Sell” formula with Microsoft.
For the company, the entrance in Alterna’s holonic model means to strengthen the international market’s positioning while keeping the full autonomy as ISV. SB Soft will continue to develop the own market and solutions with in an omnichannel logic to support the consumer journey in the retail.
“The SB Soft operation is part of an M&A project to acquire IP of value with a clear and independent channel development strategy for Microsoft ecosystem partners, both nationally and internationally. We are in perfect alignment with the transformations of the business model suggested by our vendor reference. It also represents the willing to be even closer to the world of the Fashion & Retail that has always been our flagship. We are very proud to provide a portfolio of IT solutions for the most innovative companies, an offer that include the back office and the customer journey. Nowadays we face an omnichannel strategies where the challenge is represented by the ability to engage the customer and gain the trust in a proper way. The “omnichannel” approach is the real step forward because it allows to constantly map the customer’s movements, tracing the journey in a complete and integrated way at every touchpoint, to let the client to recognize himself as unique and special“. Says Matteo Giovanditti, CEO of Alterna.
“This transaction is a further confirmation of Alterna’s total commitment to our strategic partner: Microsoft. The acquisition of SB Soft IPs and the presence in the Microsoft Marketplace, strengthen the offer of the workload dedicated to the customer engagement, not only for the fashion market but also for all those companies that are looking for advanced solutions of marketing automation and customer retention strategies, fully integrated to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform”. SB Soft is a Microsoft Partner with a strong specialisation on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Platform and with skills in business analytics such as Power BI, Azure Machine Learning.
Professionalism, expertise, experience, reliability, creativity, innovation are in the company’s DNA and they are all elements to have allowed the company to expand its boundaries from Milan Segrate to Paris and New York thanks to vertical solutions for the world of fashion & retail such as the suite CRM4Retail and Power AddOn, the digital marketing tool for the marketing automation fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365.CRM4Retail is the first Clienteling App in the Microsoft APPSOURCE, fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement. A Cloud-Based platform for the Clienteling dedicated to the retail world that allows to all sales people to find all the necessary information in a single data source to give a unique and immersive customer experience.
Prestigious brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gianvito Rossi and Stefano Ricci have chosen SB Soft as partners and they testify how SB Soft is the perfect ISV for the fashion and luxury world.
A world with its peculiarities and uniqueness, with its own language, a world that have an extreme attention for details, with a careful eye because aware that it is the true hallmark of each collection. The same approach was used to create CRM4Retail also thanks to a deep understading about the fashion processes.
For SB Soft the operation with Alterna is a great opportunity. We have distinctive and independent go-to market strategies, always with Microsoft as a common point. For us is very important to get to know the customer and let him live a unique experience throughout his journey and facilitate the job of those who daily live the relationship with the customer. Our mission is capturing value from data and re-imagining Retail to make what seems impossible happen ” – adds Luca Batelli, SB Soft Sales Director. The operation between SB Soft and Alterna is part of the project of growth and expansion of Altea Federation that enriches skills and experiences through a holonic-virtual model between companies that belong to different but complementary worlds that fortify each other.